• Lunch Special

    • Bento Box

      Bento Box


      comes with tempura with temdon sauce(sweet soy based sauce) and rice and 2 side dishes and 1 Main dish.

      You can choose 2 side dishes from
      1. Gyoza (pork dumplings)
      2. Tsutsumi age (prawn dumplings)
      3. Takoyaki (octopus ball)
      4. Tatsuta age (deep fried chicken)
      5. Panko Prawn
      6. Sashimi (sliced raw fish)
      7. Vegetarian Dengaku (eggplant)
      8. Agedashi Tofu
      9. Vegetable Croquette

      You can choose 1 Main dish from
      *Teriyaki Chicken
      *Teriyaki Beef
      *Teriyaki Fish
      *Chicken Nanban with wasabi tartar sauce
      *Yakiniku ( beef and vegetable stir fried in Japanese BBQ sauce)
      *Tofu Steak

    • Buta Don

      Buta Don


      Pork & onion cooked in soy sauce, mirin, ginger and white wine served over rice and garnished with benishoga (red ginger ). Comes with miso soup.

    • Chicken Katsu Don

      Chicken Katsu Don


      This is popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with deep fried schnitzel, egg, and vegetable. 

      comes with Miso Soup

    • Gyu Don

      Gyu Don


      Beef & onion cooked in soy sauce, mirin and sake with ginger      

      served on a bed of rice and comes with miso soup.

    • Kochijan Miso

      Kochijan Miso


      Chicken or Seafood with vegetables stir fried in Korean chilli miso. comes with rice and miso soup.

    • Oyako don

      Oyako don


      Chicken and egg cooked with onion and carrot in a delicious sauce

      served on a bed of rice and comes with miso soup

    • Sara Udon

      Sara Udon


      Crunchy egg
      noodles with calamari, crab stick, cabbage, onion, and carrot

    • Sweet and Sour Chicken

      Sweet and Sour Chicken


      Japanese style sweet and sour chicken       

      Comes with rice and miso soup.                                            

    • Tempura Don

      Tempura Don


      Prawn and vegetables tempura served over rice and comes with miso soup.

    • Udon Noodle

      Udon Noodle


      Udon noodle soup with 2pcs tempura prawn

    • Yakisoba



      Stir fried egg noodles with vegetable and crab stick in an original Japanese yakisoba sauce

    • Sushi & Sashimi

    • King Fish Tataki

      King Fish Tataki


      King fish served on a bed of onion, carrot, daikon (Chinese radish), with ponzu.

    • New Style Sashimi

      New Style Sashimi

      8pcs $22.50

      Sliced fresh salmon with YUZU (Japanese citrus fruit) soy dressing & sesame seed

    • New Style Scallop Sashimi

      New Style Scallop Sashimi

      8pcs $24.50

      Sliced scallop
      with Tomo’s miso sauce and flying fish roe on top

    • Sushi (Nigiri) & Sashimi Combination

      Sushi (Nigiri) & Sashimi Combination

      sushi4pcs & sashimi6pcs $29
      sushi5pcs & sashimi9pcs $39

      Mixed fresh Nigiri sushi and sashimi plate

    • Tuna Carpaccio

      Tuna Carpaccio

      8pcs $25.50

      Sliced fresh tuna
      with olive oil, original sweet soy sauce and pepper. Spring onion, nori, sesames
      and mayonnaise are on top.

    • Sushi roll

    • Bronte Vegetarian Roll

      Bronte Vegetarian Roll


      Cucumber, avocado,
      carrot and melon rolled in aonori and shichimi togarashi (Japanese chilli)

    • Gipps Roll

      Gipps Roll


      Fresh king fish,
      prawn, cucumber, avocado, rolled in mayonnaise and cheese

    • Handy  Roll ( temaki sushi)

      Handy Roll ( temaki sushi)

      $9 each

      Tempura Prawn

      Fresh Salmon


    • Inverloch Roll

      Inverloch Roll


      Fresh tuna, prawns,
      avocado and cucumber rolled in tobiko ( flying fish roe)

    • Kamon Roll

      Kamon Roll


      Crabstick tempura,
      cucumber, salad, avocado, flying fish roe and Japanese wasabi mayonnaise

    • Kids Nori Roll

      Kids Nori Roll

      $6 each

      Cooked tuna / smoked salmon/ crab stick /
      vegetable/ chicken/ calamari/ seaweed

    • Soft Shell Crab Roll

      Soft Shell Crab Roll


      Deep fried soft
      shell crab, salad, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe with Japanese

    • Spicy Roll

      Spicy Roll


      Fresh fish with
      Japanese mayonnaise, chilli and sesame oil, and avocado rolled in white sesame

    • Tatsuta Roll

      Tatsuta Roll


      Deep fried
      chicken, salad, cucumber, carrot and avocado with chilli mayonnaise

    • Tempura Roll

      Tempura Roll


      Two delicately battered
      prawns, salad, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe with Japanese mayonnaise

    • Tomo Roll

      Tomo Roll


      Salmon, prawns and
      cucumber encased in avocado

    • Venus Roll

      Venus Roll


      Cucumber, prawns,
      avocado and garlic mayonnaise with smoked salmon on top

    • Entree

    • Agedashi Tofu

      Agedashi Tofu

      4pcs $16 add extra pc $4 each

      *Vegan option is available, please ask.

    • Chicken wings

      Chicken wings

      6pcs $19
    • Dengaku


      Vegetarian $17

      Eggplant served with ground chicken topped with miso paste

      Vegetarian option is available.

    • Gyoza


      6pcs $18 add extra pc $3 each

      Pan fried homemade pork dumplings

    • Kids Tempura (this is only for kids)

      Kids Tempura (this is only for kids)

      10pcs $12

      Crabstick tempura with Japanese mayo &
      BBQ sauce

    • Scotch Fillet Tataki

      Scotch Fillet Tataki


      Thinly sliced carpaccio style beef in an original ponzu sauce

    • Tatsuta age

      Tatsuta age

      5pcs $20 add extra $4

      Japanese seasoned deep fried chicken

    • Tender Pork Belly

      Tender Pork Belly


      Japanese style tenderly simmered pork belly

    • Tsutsumi age

      Tsutsumi age

      6pcs $15 add extra pc $2.50 each

      Deep fried prawn dumpling with thick sauce

    • Side dish

    • Edamame



      Edamame (soy beans) with salt

    • Garlic Edamame

      Garlic Edamame


      Edamame (soy beans) with garlic

    • Miso Soup

    • Sauteed Vegetable

      Sauteed Vegetable


      carrot & broccoli & zucchini

    • Steamed Rice

    • Salad

    • Seaweed Salad

      Seaweed Salad


      Delicious combination of sea grasses with a Tomo’s original sesame dressing

    • Tomo Salad

      Tomo Salad


      Tomo’s Green salad with his original soy dressing

    • Main

    • Amiyaki Steak

      Amiyaki Steak


      Marinated with three types of miso,
      onion, chilli powder, sesame oil, sugar, sake grilled and served with salad.

    • Baby Tiger Prawn

      Baby Tiger Prawn


      Cooked in a
      delicate tempura batter and served with three sauce

    • Chicken Grill


      Grilled chicken marinated in mirin
      and soy cooked yakitori style with sansho pepper served with salad dressed with Tomo’s
      goma(sesame) dressing

    • Crunchy Calamari Legs

      Crunchy Calamari Legs


      Deep fried calamari with garlic, chilli in a light soy sauce

      This is Japanese style chewy calamari.

    • Grilled Eel

      Grilled Eel

      6pcs $28
    • Kani Ten

      Kani Ten

      6pcs $24.50 add extra pc $4 each

      swimmer crab meat delicately battered with aonori salt.

    • Miso Duck

      Miso Duck


      Grilled duck fillet with cabbage,
      eggplant, mushrooms and sanshou pepper & peanut miso

    • Salmon Wasabi Tartare

      Salmon Wasabi Tartare

      3pcs $32

      Sauteed salmon fillet on a base of wasabi mash potato and topped with an original wasabi tartare sauce and flying fish roe

    • Salt Pepper Chicken

      Salt Pepper Chicken


      Sauteed chicken topped with an
      original wasabi tartare sauce. Come with green salad

    • Sansho Pepper Lamb

      Sansho Pepper Lamb

      2pcs $26.50 add extra pc $10 each
      3pcs $35.50 add extra pc $10 each

      Grilled lamb with sanshou pepper
      served with wasabi mash and fried vegetables

    • Soft Shell Crab Tatsuta

      Soft Shell Crab Tatsuta


      Cooked deep
      fried style, marinated in soy, mirin, garlic and ginger

    • Sukiyaki



      Vegetables, tofu, rice noodles with
      sliced eye fillet cooked in a sweet soy soup

    • Sword Fish

      Sword Fish


      in miso, grilled and served with salad

    • Tempura


      2pcs prawns & vege $22.50
      3pcs prawns & vege $29.50
      add extra prawn $5 each

      Black Tiger Prawns & combination of vegetables

    • Teppanyaki



      Eye fillet on a bed of carrots,
      thinly sliced cabbage and bean shoots stir fried in garlic, light soy and black pepper with garlic chips.
      Served with ponzu and sesame dipping sauce.

    • Teriyaki Beef

      Teriyaki Beef


      Pan fried eye fillet with sautéed
      vegetables in teriyaki sauce

    • Teriyaki Chicken

      Teriyaki Chicken


      A Japanese favorite served with
      sautéed vegetables

    • Teriyaki Duck

      Teriyaki Duck


      3 hours slow cooked duck fillet with
      special sauce on bok choy garnished with spring onion & white sesame

    • Teriyaki Fish

      Teriyaki Fish

      3pcs $30

      in a teriyaki sauce with salad

    • Tofu Steak

      Tofu Steak


      carrots, zucchini, mushroom, moyashi finely sliced and stir fried in light soy
      & thick sauce

    • Touban Chicken

      Touban Chicken


      Cooked in hot pot with mushrooms,
      leeks garlic and a dash of chilli, all in Tomo’s original sauce.

    • Touban Duck

      Touban Duck


      Sliced duck fillet cooked in a hot
      pot with mushrooms, leeks, garlic & a hint of chilli in original sauce.

    • Touban Tofu

      Touban Tofu


      Tofu cooked touban style with mushrooms, leeks, garlic and chilli in Tomo’s original sauce

    • Vegetable Tempura

      Vegetable Tempura

      Entree size $20
      Main size $27

      With seasonal vegetables

      Vegetarian option is available

    • Wasabi Eye Fillet

      Wasabi Eye Fillet


      Eye fillet on butter beans topped
      with wasabi mash and a bit of fresh wasabi

    • Yuzu Lamb

      Yuzu Lamb

      2pcs $26.50 add extra pc $10 each
      3pcs $35.50 add extra pc $10 each

      Lamb cutlets in a sweet sauce of
      mirin, soy and sake served with wasabi mash potato, carrots and thinly sliced fried potato

    • From Special board

    • Calamari Ball

      $4 each

      It is savory snack which contains pieces of calamari served with sweet soy sauce and Japanese mayo. Just like Takoyaki.

    • Miso Grilled Black Cod


      marinated in saikyo miso, grilled and served with salad and red ginger.

    • Wagyu Beef


      200g Wagyu beef in Amiyaki sauce (marinated with three types of miso, onion, chilli powder, sesame oil, sugar, sake ) served with salad.

    • Whiting and Vegetable Tempura


      3pcs of whiting tempura and some vegetable tempura.

    • Whiting Tempura


      3pcs of whiting and 2pcs of beans tempura.

    • Dessert

    • Affogato


      Vanilla ice cream with Espresso and Frangelico

    • Coffee

      $4 / $5

      Organic Coffee

      Espresso, Long Black, Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Macchiato, short Macchiato, Mocha              

    • Dessert Drink

      Tomo’s homemade fruit brandy            glass $14

      Penfold’s Grandfather Port $11

      Espresso Martini                                           $22 

    • Green Tea Pannacotta

      Green Tea Pannacotta


      Japanese green tea flavor pannacotta with ice cream   

    • Harmony



      of green tea ice cream and vanilla ice cream with shiratama(rice flour
      dumpling), azuki, and melon.

    • Homemade crepes

      Homemade crepes


      Choose flavor from below. All crepes are served with vanilla ice cream

      • Black sesame

      • Traditional
      Japanese red beans, “ Azuki”

      • Lemon and sugar

      • Yuzu and sugar  ( Japanese citrus fruit )

      • Orange brandy

      • Cinnamon Banana
      with chocolate sauce

    • Hot Chocolate

    • Ice Cream

      1scoop $6, 2 scoop $11

      Vanilla or Green tea ice cream

    • Japanese Green Tea Latte

    • Sticky Date Pudding

      Sticky Date Pudding


      A homemade favourite served with ice cream

    • Yuzu Pannacotta

      Yuzu Pannacotta


      Japanese Citrus fruit flavor pannacotta with ice cream    

    • Platter

    • Sushi Platter 1

      Sushi Platter 1


      42pcs sushi mixed ( one bit size)

    • Sushi Platter 2

      Sushi Platter 2


      60pcs sushi mixed ( one bit size)

    • Sushi Platter 3

      Sushi Platter 3


      Sushi (Nigiri) & sashimi combination main size x2

      Tomo Roll, Inverloch Roll, tatsuta Roll x2, tempura Roll x2

    • Drink

    • Beer

      Asahi $9
      Kirin/Crown $10
      Light Beer $7
      Non Alcohol $5

      Asahi Super Dry

      Kirin Ichiban / Crown Lager

      Cascade Light


    • Cider


      Somersby Pear

    • Draught BEER



    • Heineken Zero ( non alcoholic lager)

    • Local Beer from Loch Brewery


      Dark Ale 500ml

      Best Bitter 500ml

    • Soft Drink

      All soft drink $4 each
      Mineral water $5

      Orange/Apple/Lemonade/Lemon Lime Bitter/Ginger ale/Tonic/Soda water/Coca Cola/ Coca Cola ZERO (no sugar)

      Sparkling mineral water 500ml                                                                     

    • Spirit 30ml

      Gin $12
      Weaver $15

      Local Gin from Loch Brewery


      The Weaver

    • Spirit 30ml


      Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey 18 years old

    • Spirit 30ml

      Hibiki Japanese Whiskey $25

      Yamazaki single malt Japanese Whiskey $30

    • Spirit 30ml


      Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch whisky        

    • Sprit 30ml


      Vodka / Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey 12 years old / Rum / Jack Daniel                        

    • White Wine

    • Bass Phillip Estate Chardonnay 2016 - Leongatha

    • Bellvale Pinot Grigio 2018 - Berry's Creek, South Gippsland

      $9 / $38
    • Cannibal Creek Chardonnay 2016 - Tynong North West Gippsland

    • Cannibal Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2017 - Tynong North Gippsland

      $ 53
    • Dirty Three Riesling 2019 - South Gippsland

    • Dirty Three Satch Pinot Grigio 2020 - South Gippsland

    • Djinta Djinta Classique, Marsanne, Rousanne, Voignier - Kardella South Gippsland

    • Fox Creek, Vixen Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Franc - McLaren Vale SA

    • Gippsland wine company Pinot Gris - South Gippsland

    • Kouark Unwooded Chardonnay – Drouin West, South Gippsland

    • Moet & Chandon Champagne imperial

    • Peter Lehmann Riesling - SA

      $9 / $40
    • Purple Hen Chardonnay 2017 - Phillip Island South Gippsland

    • Purple Hen Voignier 2018 - Phillip Island South Gippsland

    • Show and Smith Sauvignon Blanc 2019 - Adelaide Hills, SA

    • TAR & ROSES Pinot Grigio 2018 - Victoria

    • Tomo's House Sauvignon Blanc - Marlborough

      $8 / $35
    • Tomo's House Sparkling Premium Brut - SA

      $9 / $35
    • Yarra Burn Sparkling Premium CUVEE - Yarra Valley VIC

    • Red Wine

    • All Sains Estate Durif 2016 - Rutherglen

    • Bass Phillip Estate Pinot Noir 2017 - Leongatha, South Gippsland

    • Bellvale Pinot Noir 2020 - Berry's Creek South Gippsland

      $10 / $40
    • Gippsland Company Moyarra Pinot Rose - Lock South Gippsland

    • Grant Burge Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 - Barossa

    • Grant Burge Merlot 2017 - Barossa

      $9 / $40
    • Howlin' Gale Reserve Shiraz 2014 - Langhorne Creek SA

      $13/ $53
    • Kouark Pinot Noir 2010 - Drouin West, South Gippsland

      $11 / $46
    • Narkojee Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 - Glengarry Gippsland

    • Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2012 - Barossa Valley

    • Peter Lehmann Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 - Barossa Valley SA

      $8 / $38
    • Purple Hen Pinot Noir 2018 - Phillip Island, South Gippsland

    • Sarsfield Estate Cabernets Shiraz Merlot 2013 - Sarsfield, East Gippsland

    • TORBRECK The Struie 2015 - Barossa Valley

    • TORBRECK Woodcutter's Shiraz 2017 - Barossa Valley

    • Sake

    • 3 plum wine tasting plate

    • Dassai Junmai Daiginjo

    • Echigo Amakuchi Junmai

    • Edoichi 300ml

    • House Hot Sake 200ml

    • Jozen Mizunogotoshi Junmai

    • Kokuu Kokushimuso Junmai 300ml

    • Miyamagiku 300ml

    • Miyamizu no hana 300ml

    • Panda Cup Sake Cold or Hot 180ml

    • Saika plum wine

      glass $8
      Bottle $79
    • Sake tasting set 100ml X 4


      1.Nada No Ki Ippon - Junmai Nama genshu

      2.Umenishiki - Junmai shu

      3.Momokawa - Junmai Daiginjo

      4.Sasanokawa - Junmai Ginjo namazaki

    • Sweet Sake

      Yuzu Shu ( Japanese citron sake )          glass $10

      Mikan (pulp mandarin sake)
      glass $10

      Mio Sparkling sake 300ml $24