• Sushi & Sashimi

    • King Fish Tataki

      King Fish Tataki


      King fish served on a bed of onion, carrot, daikon (Chinese radish), with ponzu.

    • New Style Sashimi

      New Style Sashimi

      8pcs $32

      Sliced fresh salmon with YUZU (Japanese citrus fruit) soy dressing & sesame seed

    • New Style Scallop Sashimi

      New Style Scallop Sashimi

      8pcs $32

      Sliced scallop
      with Tomo’s miso sauce and flying fish roe on top

    • Sushi (Nigiri) & Sashimi Combination

      Sushi (Nigiri) & Sashimi Combination

      sushi4pcs & sashimi6pcs $39
      sushi5pcs & sashimi9pcs $49

      Mixed fresh Nigiri sushi and sashimi plate

    • Tuna Carpaccio

      Tuna Carpaccio

      8pcs $32

      Sliced fresh tuna
      with olive oil, original sweet soy sauce and pepper. Spring onion, nori, sesames
      and mayonnaise are on top.

    • Sushi roll

    • Bronte Vegetarian Roll

      Bronte Vegetarian Roll


      Cucumber, avocado,
      carrot and melon rolled in aonori and shichimi togarashi (Japanese chilli)

    • Gipps Roll

      Gipps Roll


      Fresh king fish,
      prawn, cucumber, avocado, rolled in mayonnaise and cheese

    • Handy  Roll ( temaki sushi)

      Handy Roll ( temaki sushi)

      $11 each

      Tempura Prawn

      Fresh Salmon


    • Inverloch Roll

      Inverloch Roll


      Fresh tuna, prawns,
      avocado and cucumber rolled in tobiko ( flying fish roe)

    • Kamon Roll

      Kamon Roll


      Crabstick tempura,
      cucumber, salad, avocado, flying fish roe and Japanese wasabi mayonnaise

    • Kids Nori Roll

      Kids Nori Roll

      $6 each

      Cooked tuna / smoked salmon/ crab stick /
      vegetable/ chicken/ calamari/ seaweed

    • Soft Shell Crab Roll

      Soft Shell Crab Roll


      Deep fried soft
      shell crab, salad, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe with Japanese

    • Spicy Roll

      Spicy Roll


      Fresh fish with
      Japanese mayonnaise, chilli and sesame oil, and avocado rolled in white sesame

    • Tatsuta Roll

      Tatsuta Roll


      Deep fried
      chicken, salad, cucumber, carrot and avocado with chilli mayonnaise

    • Tempura Roll

      Tempura Roll


      Two delicately battered
      prawns, salad, cucumber, avocado and flying fish roe with Japanese mayonnaise

    • Tomo Roll

      Tomo Roll


      Salmon, prawns and
      cucumber encased in avocado

    • Venus Roll

      Venus Roll


      Cucumber, prawns,
      avocado and garlic mayonnaise with smoked salmon on top

    • Entree

    • Agedashi Tofu

      Agedashi Tofu

      4pcs $20 add extra pc $5 each

      *Vegan option is available, please ask.

    • Chicken wings

      Chicken wings

      6pcs $22
    • Dengaku


      Vegetarian $20

      Eggplant served with ground chicken topped with miso paste

      Vegetarian option is available.

    • Gyoza


      1. 4pcs $16 add extra pc $4 each
      2. 6pcs $18 add extra pc $3 each
      3. 6pcs $18 add extra pc $3 each

      1. Tomo’s homemade pan fried pork Gyoza

      2. Pan fried pork Gyoza

      3. Vegan Gyoza

    • Kids Tempura (this is only for kids)

      Kids Tempura (this is only for kids)

      10pcs $14

      Crabstick tempura with Japanese mayo &
      BBQ sauce

    • Scotch Fillet Tataki

      Scotch Fillet Tataki


      Thinly sliced carpaccio style beef in an original ponzu sauce

    • Tatsuta age

      Tatsuta age

      5pcs $25 add extra 1pc $5

      Japanese seasoned deep fried chicken

    • Tender Pork Belly

      Tender Pork Belly


      Japanese style tenderly simmered pork belly

    • Tsutsumi age

      Tsutsumi age

      6pcs $21 add extra pc $3.50 each

      Deep fried wonton with minced prawn in thick dashi (fish broth) sauce

    • Side dish

    • Edamame



      Edamame (soy beans) with salt

    • Garlic Edamame

      Garlic Edamame


      Edamame (soy beans) with garlic

    • Miso Soup

    • Sauteed Vegetable

      Sauteed Vegetable


      carrot & broccoli & zucchini

    • Steamed Rice

    • Salad

    • Seaweed Salad

      Seaweed Salad


      Delicious combination of sea grasses with a Tomo’s original sesame dressing

    • Tomo Salad

      Tomo Salad


      Tomo’s Green salad with his original soy dressing

    • Main

    • Amiyaki Steak

      Amiyaki Steak


      Marinated with three types of miso,
      onion, chilli powder, sesame oil, sugar, sake grilled and served with salad.

    • Baby Tiger Prawn

      Baby Tiger Prawn


      Cooked in a
      delicate tempura batter and served with three sauce

    • Chicken Grill


      Grilled chicken marinated in mirin
      and soy cooked yakitori style with sansho pepper served with salad dressed with Tomo’s
      goma(sesame) dressing

    • Crunchy Calamari Legs

      Crunchy Calamari Legs


      Deep fried calamari with garlic, chilli in a light soy sauce

      This is Japanese style chewy calamari.

    • Grilled Eel

      Grilled Eel

      6pcs $29
    • Kani Ten

      Kani Ten

      6pcs $30 add extra pc $5 each

      swimmer crab meat delicately battered with aonori salt.

    • Miso Duck

      Miso Duck


      Grilled duck fillet with cabbage,
      eggplant, mushrooms and sanshou pepper & peanut miso

    • Salmon Wasabi Tartare

      Salmon Wasabi Tartare

      3pcs $39

      Sauteed salmon fillet on a base of wasabi mash potato and topped with an original wasabi tartare sauce and flying fish roe

    • Salt Pepper Chicken

      Salt Pepper Chicken


      Sauteed chicken topped with an
      original wasabi tartare sauce. Come with green salad

    • Sansho Pepper Lamb

      Sansho Pepper Lamb

      2pcs $29.50 add extra pc $14 each
      3pcs $43 add extra pc $14 each

      Grilled lamb with sanshou pepper
      served with wasabi mash and fried vegetables

    • Soft Shell Crab Tatsuta

      Soft Shell Crab Tatsuta


      Cooked deep
      fried style, marinated in soy, mirin, garlic and ginger

    • Sukiyaki



      Vegetables, tofu, rice noodles with
      sliced eye fillet cooked in a sweet soy soup

    • Sword Fish

      Sword Fish


      in miso, grilled and served with salad

    • Tempura


      2pcs prawns & vege $26
      3pcs prawns & vege $35
      add extra prawn $7 each

      Black Tiger Prawns & combination of vegetables

    • Teppanyaki



      Eye fillet on a bed of carrots,
      thinly sliced cabbage and bean shoots stir fried in garlic, light soy and black pepper with garlic chips.
      Served with ponzu and sesame dipping sauce.

    • Teriyaki Beef

      Teriyaki Beef


      Pan fried eye fillet with sautéed
      vegetables in teriyaki sauce

    • Teriyaki Chicken

      Teriyaki Chicken


      A Japanese favorite served with
      sautéed vegetables

    • Teriyaki Duck

      Teriyaki Duck


      3 hours slow cooked duck fillet with
      special sauce on bok choy garnished with spring onion & white sesame

    • Teriyaki Fish

      Teriyaki Fish

      3pcs $38

      in a teriyaki sauce with salad

    • Tofu Steak

      Tofu Steak


      carrots, zucchini, mushroom, moyashi finely sliced and stir fried in light soy
      & thick sauce

    • Touban Chicken

      Touban Chicken


      Cooked in hot pot with mushrooms,
      leeks garlic and a dash of chilli, all in Tomo’s original sauce.

    • Touban Duck

      Touban Duck


      Sliced duck fillet cooked in a hot
      pot with mushrooms, leeks, garlic & a hint of chilli in original sauce.

    • Touban Tofu

      Touban Tofu


      Tofu cooked touban style with mushrooms, leeks, garlic and chilli in Tomo’s original sauce

    • Vegetable Tempura

      Vegetable Tempura

      Entree size $22
      Main size $29

      With seasonal vegetables

      Vegetarian option is available

    • Wasabi Eye Fillet

      Wasabi Eye Fillet


      Eye fillet on butter beans topped
      with wasabi mash and a bit of fresh wasabi

    • Yuzu Lamb

      Yuzu Lamb

      2pcs $29.50 add extra pc $14 each
      3pcs $43 add extra pc $14 each

      Lamb cutlets in a sweet sauce of
      mirin, soy and sake served with wasabi mash potato, carrots and thinly sliced fried potato

    • From Special board

    • Calamari Ball

      $5 each

      It is savory snack which contains pieces of calamari served with sweet soy sauce and Japanese mayo. Just like Takoyaki.

    • Miso Grilled Black Cod


      marinated in saikyo miso, grilled and served with salad and red ginger.

    • Wagyu Beef


      200g Wagyu beef in Amiyaki sauce (marinated with three types of miso, onion, chilli powder, sesame oil, sugar, sake ) served with salad.

    • Whiting and Vegetable Tempura


      3pcs of whiting tempura and some vegetable tempura.

    • Whiting Tempura


      3pcs of whiting and 2pcs of beans tempura.