June 25,2014Tomo’s Sencha and Genmai-cha


Sencha – Sencha is the most frequently drunk and well-known variety of green tea. It is made according to the most common processing methods, whereby the leaves are steamed and rolled to produce crude tea.

Genmai-cha – Genmaicha derives its name from the Japanese word for “ brown rice”, which is rice that still retains the bran covering of the rice grain. The soaked and steamed brown rice is roasted and popped, and is mixed with sencha or other tea in a ration of approximately 50:50. One way enjoy the combination of the savoriness of roasted brown rice and the refreshing flavour of sencha. Since brown rice is mixed in – thereby decreasing the amount of sencha – genmaicha has low caffeine content, making it a suitable tea for children.